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Born January 30th, 1992, he began to show a propensity for music at 18 months old, after becoming intrigued with a violin performance he saw on television.  By the age of three, his parents could no longer ignore his constant obsession, and took him to a teacher who specialized in teaching music to gifted children.

Over the next 16 years, Dylan continued his formal training on the violin, advancing far beyond his peers – playing first violinist in senior orchestras by 12.

It was during this time that he began to expand his instrument base – learning to play the drums, piano, guitar, and then after taking his schools music production course, began to produce music.

Dylan wrote his first song when he was 13, after his father taught him three chords on the guitar. Remarking on the experience, he stated “It was like being hit by lightning. Everything just clicked…”.

He began writing at a furious rate, and became obsessed with learning to play the guitar – often practicing for 8 hours a day.

He first rose to attention when he was discovered in 2011 by an A&R scout for local Melbourne producer Sam Panetta (Kylie Minogue, Kisschasey, Crowded House) and Sony subsidiary label Melodic Music. After hearing some rough demos online, Dylan was invited to play at a showcase Melodic Music was running in Prahran. After his impressive live performance, Panetta signed on, began producing Dylan’s demos, and slowly began showing them to various key industry people.

During this time, Dylan was beginning to make a name for himself performing around Melbourne at various venues, and after headlining a performance at the Annual Next Generation Youth event, in 2012, Dylan signed a deal with Melodic Music to record and release the single “Running” – culminating in a sold out launch at Melbourne’s infamous ‘Red Bennies’, and the EP “When It’s Quiet”.

In September 2013, propelled by his local success, Dylan began working with renowned Los Angeles producer and executive David Kershenbaum (A&M, RCA, Capitol and Elektra Records) and recognized A&R executive Judy Stakee (Warner/Chappell) on his next EP, whilst simultaneously writing music for the hit series ‘The Horizon’, other noteworthy artists and films, and working to release his previously recorded EP “When It‘s Quiet” – scheduled for September 2014.

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